What We Do

We bring and defend individual and class action antitrust claims in federal and state court, administrative proceedings, and investigations by government authorities. And we can help prevent claims before they arise, by training inhouse lawyers and client employees about antitrust compliance and by investigating and auditing company practices that could result in lawsuits. We understand how competition colors and shapes other claims by and against our clients, such as intellectual property, trade secrets, and breach of contract.

Consumer and class actions can be complex, demanding, and expensive to defend. We know how to build an efficient, multi-faceted strategy for these cases to protect you. Early and comprehensive strategies will best guide you to the successful defense you want, whether that is a dismissal at the outset, defeat of class certification, or a merits victory at trial – we’ve done all of those.

We have extensive experience, both in-house and at the firm, with plaintiff and defense trade secret and employee mobility cases. Whether your issue is proactive protection of trade secrets, departing employees failing to comply with confidentiality and recruiting obligations, or new employees for whom you must defend claims of trade secret misappropriation, we have seen it before and we can help. We also can develop a best-practices approach for your company to reduce the risk of facing claims.

We know how to protect your interests with intellectual property litigation, whether that means winning the largest plaintiff copyright infringement jury verdict in history (Oracle v. SAP) or defending against attacks on your company and people. Intellectual property issues often entwine with competition claims, which we understand how to address and use strategically.

It can be challenging to find a litigator who understands renewable energy issues and regulatory dockets. We do. Our years of working in-house steeped us in the renewable energy world and how to successfully litigate in it, whether before a public utility commission, an administrative agency, or a state or federal court. We understand the policy and business goals, the unique challenges of the industry, and how those goals and challenges play out in litigation.

We have been on both sides of the courtroom for commercial, contract, and business tort litigation, and we get the results you need. Because we have worked in-house at large, fast-moving companies, we also understand how to litigate and win these cases with minimal disruption to your business.

Responding to government investigations or enforcement actions involves challenges, in terms of cost, reputational harm, and business risk that simply do not exist in most commercial cases. We understand those challenges.

Government dollars are always under scrutiny. Whether you face a government investigation or hope to start one, we have seen False Claims Act cases from every angle—from the beginning of an investigation all the way through successful litigation. We combine our understanding of and experience with this unique statute to successfully pursue and defend these cases.

Appellate litigation demands focused organization, keen writing, compelling argument, and sound judgment. These are our strengths. We can identify the legal and trial errors that give you the greatest chance of reversing a defeat in the lower court. And when you need to protect a victory, we can craft the strategy and the brief to do that.

Over our careers, we have taken on pro bono work across the litigation spectrum, from individual defense to election law challenges to civil rights litigation. We believe we have an obligation as lawyers to make the judicial process work for everyone, especially those who lack the means to pay for their own counsel.

Sometimes a case just defies tidy categorization. Sometimes things go wrong in ways no one expected. When that happens, we’re ready. We have often been asked to handle delicate, unusual, or just odd disputes that do not fit neatly into a typical firm’s practice areas. These matters require the creative, flexible, and collaborative approach that is the firm’s hallmark.